Entry 10

I watched Granny give Cary instructions on using the concoctions she’d put together for his dog. She still liked him despite his horn dog ways. She’s been telling me since I came back home 2 years ago that he’s different than he was all that time ago. I want to trust her. I don’t trust him.

I went back to work. He stayed a few minutes more on the pretense of asking Granny about her garden but left when I ignored him.

But I wasn’t ignoring him. Every part of my body was on fire after falling into his arms. I could remember how he smelled and the warmth of his hands as they held and steadied me. There was no part of my anatomy that didn’t think that getting a little closer to Cary would be a bad idea. Certain tingly parts were reminding me that I hadn’t had a lover since before I moved back home.

And then there was the painting incident.

Cary is a successful contractor but he’s a witch too. Granny hired him to paint the carriage house interior where I live. It looks very nice. But he also cast a seduction spell in the bedroom so that every time I’d go to sleep, I’d have erotic dreams - usually about him.

Love spells are amazingly unpredictable and should never be used. People have done all kinds of crazy stuff under the influence of love spells and potions - everything from shaving their entire body because the object of their affection said that their hair needed a trim to robbing banks to make their dream lover notice them to murder-suicide. Turns out that love makes you stupid and unstable.

However, a good seduction spell will create enough of a good vibe that if there’s any attraction there,  it will just push you together. But it backfired on Cary. When Cary cast the spell in my bedroom, I got horny and pissed. Pissed that he violate my grandmother’s trust; pissed that I felt violated; just pissed. Unfortunately for him, I have a pretty bad temper and, Rule of Three be damned, I cursed Cary Ellis.

The spell that I cast on him made all the hair on his head – including his eyebrows, eyelashes, beard - fall out and then grow werewolf-like on his chest, arms, legs, knuckles, and the best part, his groin. I heard that the morning after I cast it, his pubic hair had grown so thick that he couldn’t zip up a single pair of jeans. It was a short-term spell so eventually the hair on his head started growing back, but I think he still has to trim his chest and pubic hair daily.

In return, he got the last laugh when I ended up in the hospital to have hemorrhoid surgery. I suppose there are more embarrassing ways to spend time in a hospital but having your ass up in the air for everyone to come ogle is right at the top of my list.

Yeah, Karma can be a real bitch.