Entry 4

“Hey beautiful! Who’s sweet ride is that?” Sonny exclaimed.

“That would be my new sweet ride. Isn’t she a beaut?” I said with pride.

“You didn’t get screwed over in the deal, did you? My girls deserve the best of service” he suddenly said.

Puzzled and wondering what he knew, I replied, “No, Jacko gave me pretty good deal.”

“I’ve never trusted that little prick,” Sonny grumbled. “But if you think it’s ok…”

I laid my hand on his arm. “Sonny, it’s ok.”

“My husband is thinking of opening his own dealership, Brandywine” drawled a seductive voice nearby.

1789I turned and beheld one Kim Wright - stage name: Dixie Normas. She stands about 5’2” and had long blond extensions down to her knees. Today, it was braided with numerous flowers and ribbons that would look ridiculous on anyone else but seemed fitting and was thrown over one shoulder like a pornographic Rapunzel.

Today was Topless Tuesday when all the servers and Floor Managers went topless. I have known Dixie for about 20 years now - so I knew her during her my show girl days. She was a show girl, but was in a specialty show where, among other things, she rode in on a gigantic stallion completely naked as Lady Godiva. Oh and she has 34 FFF boobs. There is literally a full gallon of silicone in those babies. They are bigger than my head.

“Hey Dixie - Kurt is looking for more investments?” I asked.

Dixie was recently married to one Kurt Wright, who was the star running back for the local football team and richer than the Queen. He was always looking for investments. He kept trying to talk Dixie into giving up her job but over 20 years in the business and two failed marriages had taught her to have her own thing going but always get a good pre-nup. She was currently being prospected for a reality series and was a shrewd business woman.

“Well the damn race horse he bought broke it’s foreleg in that race last week so that’s just money down the tube. I told Kurt that putting money into something that would only live 20 years was a waste of energy.”

“It had to be a big tube to have 10 million dollars going down it” I mumbled.

“It’s an expression, dumbass,” she said.

“I’m messing with you, darlin’. What’s business supposed to be tonight? Big Mike said there was a St Pete’s Convention in town. Weird that it’s starting on a Tuesday isn’t it?” I asked.

Sonny spoke up. “This is just the executive board. The rest of the attendees will be in later this week,” he offered as he twisted his own St Pete ring on his finger.

“We’ve got a new girl tonight. Since Connie started showing, I had to get someone for her spot. The new girl’s name is Destinee or something like that.”

I left them at the bar and went backstage.