Story pt 5

Backstage was fairly quiet as the day shift was still in effect. Evening would bring a full schedule and every dressing table would be full. I grabbed the schedule and started working with the make-up artist and costumer to be sure they had what they needed. Hey, just because they dance nude doesn’t mean they don’t need make up and pretty outfits. The patrons get bored if girls just go out naked.

A bouncer came backstage at 5 with a young girl. She couldn’t have been more than 21 and had a bright, fresh face. She was dressed pretty demurely in jeans and a t-shirt and carried a bag over her shoulder.

“Are you Destinee?” I asked.

She nodded shyly. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Heavens. Don’t call me ma’am. My grandmother gets called ma’am. Not me.”

She still looked unsure.

“Ok Destinee. Did you get all your paperwork filled out with Barbara?” I asked as I walked towards the dressing area.

“Yes, ma… um, yes,” she stammered.

“It’s ok. My name is Brandywine but you can call me Brandy. I am your Show Manager tonight. Have you danced before?” I said. This girl seemed to be completely lost. Oh no. Not a green horn. Ugh, you have to practically teach them how to bump and grind. If this girl is a complete newb I am so cursing Sonny.

“Oh yes! I’ve been dancing at the Pink Taco for the last 6 months. I got tired of having to drive so far and my friend Wendy said there was an opening here,” she gushed.

Wendy is one of the waitresses and I was thankful that I wasn’t going to have to completely train this girl. But the “Pink Taco”? I worked there for two nights when I moved back to town before I bailed. Ugh that place was disgusting and the patrons were grabby and it was run by an dreadful woman who I definitely knew to be part ogre. Ogres just aren’t fun people to be around.

I directed Destinee to a dressing room and took her music selection to the DJ. When I came back, I saw Destinee in her costume.

A schoolgirl costume. How typical. But then again, she was very fresh faced and I couldn’t decide whether I thought it would work for her or if I just hated her. I decided I’d wait and see.

The other girls started showing up and I went straight to work. I usually don’t watch the show. The floor manager usually does whatever needs to be done out front and will give critiques to those who need them. I keep a radio and ear piece in my ear and the floor manager and I can coordinate anything that way.

I heard the announcement for Destinee’s debut and I decided to step out and see what this girl was made of.

She was really good. She had a great figure and played the innocent thing to the hilt. She was doing kind of a cross between Britney Spears and Gypsy Rose act. She kept her clothes on for most of the number but worked the crowd - which was fairly busy for a Tuesday night. She made sure they could see down her shirt and up her skirt rather than just getting naked. Yep, this girl knew a thing or two about the allusion of sex on stage. I was quite impressed.

I still think I might hate her though.