Entry 1

This is the beginning of my story, Tales of a Redneck Witch that I am writing as part of Camp NANOWRIMO.  NANOWRIMO held in November, and Camp NANOWRIMO held in June and August assists folks in writing one 50,000 word novel in 30 days.   After the first few posts, it may be easier for you to go to "From the beginning..." and read from there.  You can also click on the RSS feed to the right to have posts sent to you daily. 
While I’m writing from 1600 to 2000 words each day, each post here will be about 500-600 words.  This is a comfortable length for most folks to read on their phone or while at work.  Smile There is no real editing since this is a first draft.  Where I don’t know a name or title, I’ll be entering it in <BRACKETS>.
Thanks for playing along with me!

His gold tooth gleamed at me.

"Baby, this car is da bomb. Think about it," he smirked, "you would be fo shizzle."

"Seriously? Snoop Dogg you ain't." I replied.
"Jacko, if this car is a lemon, I will take it out of your hide. Seriously, don't screw with me. I will curse you so bad you won't walk straight."

"Now baby that ain't no way to act! Have I ever lied to you?" The blue tattoos that covered his face nearly blended in with his dark skin but at that moment, I saw a symbol in the designs that reminded me of something. It reminded me that Jacko had never led me astray despite his race.

Jacko was a Pixie. Pixies, or Picts as they are more correctly called, were known in the old days to lead weary travelers away from the path in an attempt to steal them away from this world and take them to the Underworld, which they called Annwn. In modern times, they were mostly benign but were still pranksters.

The symbol tattooed on Jacko's skin showed that he was a royal member of the Pixie Court and therefore I could use my wild card.
"Jacko," I proclaimed loudly. I now chose my words carefully because what I said next set the rules. "If the car I purchase from you is not in perfect working condition in one year, I will not only cast a curse on you whereupon you lose every tooth in your mouth, but I will also call upon the justice of the Pixie King."

He gasped. "Now witchie, you don't have to get like that."

I continued. "So mote it be."

A faint breeze rustled the trees and I knew that my plea had worked. What's more, Jacko knew he had trouble.

Gone was his down-home accent. "Brandywine Phillips, you drive a hard bargain. But I'll see it through."

He turned away. "Let me show you another vehicle more worthy of your regard."

I followed, confident that I had avoided disaster but now worried about the cost of something more worthy.

Jacko stopped at a large sedan. "In the name of our king and your alliance with him, I offer this carriage. I'm making a sacrifice in selling it to you but believe that we can work out a satisfactory arrangement. I would rather not allow the King to interfere in my business."

I haggled with Jacko over the next few minutes until we were both satisfied. In addition to a substantial sum of money, I also agreed to assist him in my own special way at the time of his choosing.

As I sat filling out the paperwork with his wife, Lisa, a few minutes later, she asked me what I happened. I told her. "Sheesh, I haven't seen him this pissed in a while. Threatening his teeth and sic'ing Aldryd on him? You know they don't get along."

I looked up from the paperwork. "Well I haven't called Aldryd yet. Just if this car stops running. Damn it Lisa, the last one he sold me had the wheels fall off! On Spaghetti Junction of all places! I have got to have a decent car and Jacko's the only one who will work with me considering my credit history."

"Huh" Lisa tutted. "It's more likely that he's the only one that will work with you considering what you did to Carey Ellis a while back."